Prom- One of the biggest nights of the year.

Some people look at a mobile DJ to just sit back and play music. However it takes the right DJ to set the tone of the night and lead the students into a successful dance. You can have the venue decorated from top to bottom with decorations. The students will have the latest and newest attire. The night is set for perfection, and everything is in place for the great dance! However not having a DJ to lead and control a dance, most students will leave disappointed, or early and all the hard work put into a successful dance will not pay off. You want Prom to make memories that will last a lifetime!


Lets break things down:

Base the price of the DJ and figure that into the dance attendance. Our packages can be broken down to be cheaper than going out to the movies, or getting a meal off of the McDonald's value menu, per person entering the dance. Set the dance attendance price accordingly and figure in your other expenses. This way you know you will make profits off of the dance or at least break even. Just know Prom is one of the biggest dances of a students lifetime, you want to make a lasting memory.


Our goal is to work with you to help you create the amazing memories! Contact us today to see what we can do to make this years Prom one of the best Proms ever!


Helpful Tip
Are you concerned about dirty dancing or problems on the dance floor? Let us know, we can bring a special light setup that we can use to notify your staff and chaperones of a problem we notice on the dance floor.
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