Homecoming and other School Dances

We don't just do school Proms. We are able to provide a package for all the major school dances through out the year. Another one of our goals is to build trust with our schools and know they can guarantee to have a safe and fun atmosphere at every school dance.


Over the last several years school dances have seemed to be on the decline. What we have found out is all dances can still be a success! It just takes the planning, to build the excitement back into the dance. We want everyone to have a fun and safe event. This includes the chaperons to the parents working the coat check in station.


We want your school to have that excitment back!

Don't Forget:
Sadie Hawkins
Winter Formal
Spring Fling
Black Light Dance

Retro 80's\90's Dance
Black & White Ball
er the Game Dance
& More
Helpful Tip
If you are concerned by ticket sales, we can come in during your lunch period and spin the latest hit music, plus do ticket giveaways. This will create a buzz for the dance and will get you more tickets sold.
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